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Physical Record Warehousing Solution

Physical Record Warehousing Solution

Archival storage is generally a requirement for most organizations where documents and records are produced and need to be stored for a period of time, either for legal reasons or based on company retention schedules. Archived documents are generally low activity documents that do not see a high retrieval, delivery and re-file cycle.

Evaluation Grid provides contract warehousing with flexibility, "no frills" attached at a competitive price! Because we realize every customer has unique requirements. Our business is structured so we can handle your needs no matter how diverse, unique, or challenging.

We provides customers with the peace of mind of knowing their historical information is secure and accessible without taking up valuable office space. We provides customers with the ease of pickup and delivery service whenever needed.

Once we receives a box for archive storage, the contents of the box are indexed and barcoded at the box, file, or document-level and then stored in a dedicated, secure environment until the return requested and authorized by the customer. A charge-out system is used which tracks each file folder or box checked in and out of the records warehouse. Circulation Tracking utilizes barcode that are generated for boxes, jackets, folders, offices, shelves, locations and the employees authorized to check–out records. We simply scan the employee’s barcode along with the records being removed or returned. This provides an effective means of tracking records with minimal effort on your part or the end users making requests.

Value Additions

In relation to secured record warehousing facility our clients can also benefit from following value additions

Effectively Manage Physical Records — Evaluation Grid Physical Record Warehousing provides comprehensive lifecycle management of your vital knowledge assets, managing both physical and electronic, while reducing end user burden and administrative overheads.

Monitor Circulation of Physical Documents — Evaluation Grid Physical Record Warehousing provides reports of charge-out system which tracks each file folder or box checked in and out of the records center or warehouse utilizing barcode.

Physical Space Management — In addition to managing Record inventory, you may also need to manage the actual space where the records are located. With Evaluation Grid you can configure and manage storage locations, define box types and sizes.

Document Imaging Service — You can reduce the need for off-site storage and the costs required to maintain the extra space. By utilizing our Document Imaging Service to convent physical records in to their electronic equivalents, you can streamline operations, reduce physical storage requirements and provide a tighter framework for the company's compliance requirements.

Security Measures

Evaluation Grid Physical Records Warehouses are continually monitored by and is closed to the general public. Facility entrances are secured at all times, and all approved visitors require registration prior to gaining escorted entry into the facility. To further ensure record safety and protection, only authorized staff have access to customer records, and all employees are held to the highest of confidentiality and ethical standards.

Our facilities offers enhanced security measures, including

  • »  Records access only by authorized personnel with security clearance by management
  • »  Interruption-proof contingency business plan utilizing alternative sites
  • »  Exterior and perimeter doors locked and secured at all times
  • »  Ongoing review of all procedures and policies
  • »  Secure, premises truck loading/unloading
  • »  Facilities located in reliable areas
  • »  24-hour professional security
  • »  Fully trained personnel