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From banking and insurance to wealth manage ent and securities distribution, we dedicate financial on services the teams serve all major sectors.

Robart Marts Ceo at dorn

From banking and insurance to wealth manage ent and securities distribution, we dedicate financial on services the teams serve all major sectors.

July Robast Manager

From banking and insurance to wealth manage ent and securities distribution, we dedicate financial on services the teams serve all major sectors.

Mark Stive Ceo at dron

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    Evaluation Grid is a solution hub for many services including Record and Assets Management and Outdoor Marketing Agency. Our business specializes in offsite physical document archival, document management solution, fixed assets and physical stock management. We also have expert systems available for vehicle verification, outdoor advertising and branding which includes fleet advertising, baggage trolley advertising and branding, high resolution SMD screens on rent and wall branding and road side banners.

    Our departments vary according the various services we provide ranging from identity verification service to debt recovery services. Despite such extensive expertise, we have a team of dedicated professionals in each sector who are proficient in their own fields and carry out the tasks by incorporating high level of customer service and practical knowledge gained from continuous experience.

    The concept behind our brand is to inculcate awareness, not only to get the job done but to keep our clientele informed. We introduce multiple concepts to the clients and depending on the requirements we explain our track of solutions so they are better equipped with understanding and comprehend the process as a whole.

    What makes us stand out?

    • Customer Oriented Strategies – Evaluation Grid is an enterprise that has successfully catered to multiple clients through value-additive measures. We have excelled and perfected our dealings by carefully implementing and experimenting our ways through better association management. Our process entirely depends on continually improving through feedbacks and surveys which is why our performance has been outstanding in every aspect of our work.

    Our agents consider offsite and onsite measures to improve customer focus and services and not based on activity volume and cost considerations. Our top-notch departments have worked steadily to present Evaluation Grid in an accomplished state.

    • Effective Support – Evaluation Grid is a constant motivator of the client’s business. We have tailored to multiple consumers and their businesses by customizing solutions and taking care of their requirements from the start. We have developed a trust building and compact process so that we are able to highlight the issues and then deliver a constructive solution using our legal experts and elaborate systems. Costing is inconsequential depending on the level of service our client wishes to deliver. We have budgeted deals and installment plans which allow our customers to pay as per their ease.
    • Experienced Professionals – In every sector at Evaluation Grid we have trained and educated agents who are constantly improving their performance levels by enriching their experiences and catering to multiple clients. The size of your business and the capital you hold is of no importance to our brand. Our goal is to facilitate all businesses only so they are able to focus and drift their energy to save time, expense and heaps of tedious hard work.

    Why should you outsource?

    Although for many companies outsourcing is investing in another business instead of your own and gaining services and satisfaction from them rather than building and training a team that gets the job well done. At Evaluation Grid the matters are quite contrary. We encourage our clients to outsource so that they have ample time to focus and divert all the attention to their core business and the relevant tasks. By investing in services at Evaluation Grid you are allowing your brand to get more profitable results by focusing on the task the hand and letting us care for the time taking management and organization.

    Services at a glance:

    Since the launch we have expanded our services and are constantly striving to introduce a labyrinth of facilities for our clients with leading attributes and an advanced scope of controlling quality and delivering excellence at every stage.

    Our current services center around the following:

    • Physical Record Warehouse Solution – We provide efficient physical document storage solutions including archiving and securing documentation.
    • Fixed Assets Management Solution – This department focuses on delivering quality fixed assets management systems for all business sizes and clie
    • Outdoor Marketing and Brand Presence Solutions – For vehicle branding and advertising solutions, Evaluation Grid has all the creative services in line for any branding or marketing need. This also extends to SMD screens, wall brandings and roadside banner services.
    • Document Imaging Solution – We are effective document management solution providers who excel in organizing management systems according to your company’s specifications.
    • Data Management Solution – For companies who are in trivial states of late collection of debts we provide legal advice to how to tackle the situation professionally. Our debt collection and recovery solutions also include informing clients about their risk of their assets and how to effectively manage them.
    • Manpower Outsourcing Service – We outsource compelling and competitive sources for your businesses for safety and security purposes. We also deal in identity and physical assets verification service.

    As an aggregate, Evaluation Grid has stretched its boundaries to provide professional services to a multitude of businesses and have scored remarkably well in each department.