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Physical Document Storage Solutions

Physical document storage solutions are generally a requirement for most organizations where documents and records are produced and stored for a limited duration, either for legal reasons or based on company retention schedules. Archived documents are generally low activity documents that do not see a high retrieval, delivery, and re-file cycle.

Evaluation Grid provides contract warehousing with flexibility; no-frills attached at a competitive price! We realize that every customer has unique requirements; therefore, our business model is thoughtfully structured to handle their needs, no matter how diverse, exceptional, or challenging it could be.

Our aim includes providing the customers with peace of mind by gaining trust in their historical information security and accessibility. We provide customers with the ease of pick up and delivery service whenever needed.

Once we receive a box for archive storage, the box contents are indexed and barcoded at the box, file, or document level and stored in a dedicated, secure environment until the customer’s return is requested and authorized. A charge-out system is used, which tracks each file folder, or box checked in and out of the warehouse records. Circulation Tracking utilizes barcodes generated for boxes, jackets, folders, offices, shelves, locations, and authorized employees. As [part of the process, we scan the employee’s barcode and the documents being removed or returned. This process provides an effective means of tracking records with minimal effort on your part or the end-users making requests.

Why is there a need to archive physical documents or move towards digitization?

Finding the required document at the earliest when you need it is one of the most common challenges in organizations overloaded with information. We highly believe that no one can handle this solution and is the one that is better left to the experts. When your files are carefully controlled, the best chances are that your data is protected from any security breach; after all, it is about managing and saving it.

Evaluation Grid is here to streamline the archiving processes for you and transform this challenge into a seamless experience. We are experts in optimizing the complete management of your documents.

Why is there a need to Outsource Physical Document Storage Solutions?

Outsourcing any internal job that requires a higher level of security is always a crucial decision to make. Most of the time, the non-reliability of third-party organizations forces the companies to either hire employees and spend on them or leave the task unhandled for the longest time.

However, opting for the right and trustworthy organization as your third-party resource could be of great help. Some of the benefits of physical document archival are as follows:

  • Helps to secure physical document storage
  • Save your time and get the job done faster
  • Increase the efficiency by using a well-trained team to handle the entire process
  • Increase the security of your critical data by having legally bound agreements
  • Reduce the cost of having internally maintained operations
  • Improve the overall productivity of the organizations by taking the hassle away from them


How can we help you in this process?

Mastering the art of data handling!

At Evaluation Grid, we are aware of why information management is a must for businesses. Hence, we guarantee that our procedures are transparent, keeping you well-informed about your physical records. We provide specialized assistance to secure physical document storage because managing and preserving the records could be highly crucial and requires professional handlings. It is not just one aspect that we handle when it comes to Physical Document Archiving solutions; our professionals are excellently competent to deliver each phase of the archiving cycle efficiently, from digitization to storing and all the way through archiving.

Most organizations are mistaken with the word archive and relate it to only the old dusty documents untouched for years. This concept is not technically wrong; however, archiving solutions are most relevant to data management in recent times. The companies consider archiving the latest document or information to manage their data well and utilize the most valuable information rapidly.

This solution is now linked to the sustainable approach that the world is opting for. At Evaluation Grid, we also keep our process highly complimented with the sustainable activities that lead to a healthier and safer environment.

Evaluation Grid is your record management specialist and one f the leading document storage companies in Pakistan, ensuring the integrity of your files, optimizing access, and increasing productivity using our transparent process for a better flow of information. Our team is periodically trained, and our process is thoughtfully designed, keeping in mind the international standards. We not only focus on the management of files, but our approach is result-oriented, giving our clients the desired results and ease of mind.

Connect with us and learn more about how our technically skilled members, led by the expert team of management, are ready to assist you in physical document archival and in creating smoother operations at a reasonable cost.