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Physical Data Verification and Surveys

EGPL is a generalist company that provides clients with principle services that are required by businesses and clients to take the necessary and profitable steps, especially when they are new to the market. Hiring employees, finalizing a partnership, and even looking for reliable tenant options for your requirements, we provide it all under one roof. Our services are well sought out and comprehensive so that we can get to every minute detail. EGPL extends its services to all industries irrespective of the diverse businesses they handle.

How competent are we?

There is always a threat with the current hiring and dealerships when the parties involved are not previously acquainted. Gathering truthful information is a prerequisite before any company generates its revenues and has its business strategies in line. It is, therefore, necessary to have a plan in action that takes professional care and verifies all the collected information. 

At EGPL, we eliminate such threats by positioning our head teams to get the cogs turning and initiate the verification process. We specialize in employee, vendor, and customer verification services. Our agents are professionally educated and draft rational solutions for your personal and work necessities.

Many companies provide similar verification services, yet the results have not been successful, and there are flaws in the collected data.

EGPL is a brand that has been known in the industry all across Pakistan to provide Physical Data Verification Services. We cultivate authentic and accurate information through trusted sources and credible links. We ensure that the provided data is reliable. Every aspect of the information gathered for our clients goes through a double-checking or verification process where the facts are managed. This is an imperative condition for many companies that are startups and cannot afford fraudulent hires. The methods we use are immaculate and promote result-oriented strategies.

What do our services include?

EGPL is categorized as Physical Asset Verification Providers who deal with multiple types of verification services that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Identity Verification Services

To select the most potential employees and hires, it is necessary to go through identity verification services to guarantee that there are no identity thefts in any aspect. The applicants provide information via resumes and other paperwork that is checked if they are unskilled or have mentioned any aspects of their education or employment history under pretense.

  • Educational Documents Verification

Due to the general requirements for degrees and diplomas imposed by employment ministries in multiple companies, there is always a chance that a certain set of individuals might turn to counterfeit documents. Verification at EGPL for educational documents is done through an elaborate process that includes attestation and confirmations of the documentation provided.

  • Employment History Verification

This sector helps to check the job placements and responsibilities individuals mention in their resumes. EGPL checks the stated facts and guarantees that all the mentioned pointers are accurate, including locations. This majorly includes contacting the references and ask them for a detailed review of the employee’s work ethic.

  • Civil Litigation Check

For many organizations, it is imperative that a potential hire is not listed as a federal crime and has clean records. These organizations reach out for Civil Litigation checks where they gather verification forms from local police departments to warrant legal rights.

  • Residence and Address verification

For trust and credibility purposes, many companies must have correct employee address details. In the case of spam, these organizations require immediate sources.

  • Credential checking

This sector has a deep-rooted and thorough plan to reach out to applicants to check their credentials and any information that they provide during the interview. These details are double-checked for any inconsistencies and are then handed over to our clients. This makes the recruitment process manageable as the hiring manager has to move through the interview without considering if the gathered information is not credible.

  • License Verification

Our automated systems carry an extensive database for license verification purposes where they check the owner and tax payments of the vehicle.

  • Credit check

Credit and Banking details for many companies are of prime importance, especially in the insurance and banking industries. The employers reach out to this segment to certify all provided information.

  • Assets Tracing and Verification

Physical Asset Verification Services ensure that the company or an individual holds the claimed assets under their possession. This is a tedious paper-work based method that is carried out by EGPL in an efficient and accountable manner.

EGPL has successfully catered to many organizations and individuals who are in dire need of Physical Data Verification Services for their dealings and recruits. We have customizable plans, security, technology backups, and durable support for companies and individuals to carry out their growth and expansion process without worrying about the client details.