Fixed Assets Management Solution

Fixed Asset Management

Delivering the leading Enterprise Asset Management solution

As one of the top service providers in asset management, the team at Evaluation Grid Private Limited (EGPL) understands thoroughly the major challenges that companies face chasing their assets for protection, devaluation, quantity, and location.

Our asset management division delivers an organized and highly strategic approach towards maintaining and managing physical assets. Our bespoke standards facilitate our clients to conduct cost-effective audits that, most of the time, ensures result-driven inventory management. In addition, our advanced internal control using AI-driven approaches helps our clients get more detailed and real-time data that eventually serves for decision making.

What is Fixed Asset Management?

Deal with your fixed assets for keep an exact track!

It’s anything but a bookkeeping interaction that tries to follow fixed resources with the end goal of monetary bookkeeping, forestalling upkeep, and robbery contrasts. Numerous enterprises face a massive test following their fixed resources’ area, amount, condition, support, and devaluation status. A well-known way to deal with following fixed resources uses sequential numbered Assets Tags and frequently through standardized identifications for an exact perusing. Intermittently the proprietor of the resources can take stock reports through a scanner tag peruse.

This entire process can be complex for local and global enterprises, especially those that maintain a more extensive inventory. In comparison, small organizations can somehow keep using internal resources and tools, but manual handling with less expert handling may not be beneficial in the long run. Getting expert assistance can fasten the method to get on top of fixed asset inventory.

What makes us Unique?

Your assets are at the core of our business values!

Having a solid footing, EGPL always aims to deliver the best in what they do. As a result, we are confident that there will be more than several reasons that you can count on our fixed assets management systems.

  • In-depth Industry Knowledge
  • Custom solutions
  • Dedicated account handling team
  • Global infrastructure team
  • Specialized industry solutions

Our Solution:

Kick start your asset management journey with Industry experts!

We deliver a solution that accelerates the automation of fixed asset management solution and enhances the overall experience that exceeds our clients’ expectations. Our service journey keeps your assets secure and delivers them at the pace of the present with the prediction of the future. EGPL was established to assist enterprises, from SMEs to large organizations, to maximize their assets using a profitable approach and maintain them for a long-term benefit.

Our every service is geared towards delivering results-driven solutions with excellent customer service. This can be easily observed in our retainer clients and referrals that created EGPL’s image as one the most reliable and trustworthy organizations bearing indefinite expertise.

We take pride in our deliverables and feel confident to showcase our expertise in every service we provide. In addition, our locally based and global consultants introduce best practices that match the international standards.

Where we stand today is a result of the successful portfolios that our industry experts handled. We combine local experience, international expertise, and industry knowledge to deliver world-class service.

How we do it?

EGPL does not start any service by thoroughly gaining relevant and specific knowledge of our clients and their inventory. Instead, our process goes as follows:

Research & Study: We conduct a detailed analysis of the client’s industry, assets, business modules, and future plans to keep the strategy correct and profitable.

Strategize & organize: Our team of experts creates a tailored strategy for each client and arranges for the highest performance.

Implementation & execution: There is no plan without execution. We ensure that the performance of the strategy is thoughtfully executed to generate desired results.

Control & Quality: Maintaining the strategy, optimizing its results, and revising it as per the situations is necessary as an asset.

Why is it Important?

If the experts of the industry handle the asset management process, it comes with great benefits.

  • It is one of the most efficient solutions to keep control of your assets.
  • If handled correctly, it provides accurate data.
  • All the receivables and withdrawals are monitored consistently.
  • Maintain a record
  • It lessens the risk of theft or fraud to a significant extent.
  • Keeps operational cost at the minimum.
  • Delivers higher operational results.
  • Maintains assets at multiple locations.
  • Helps in improving asset value.
  • Saves from failure to meet compliance

We deliver what we promise, keeping in mind what assets you have today and what they can be in the future. Our team works round the clock to keep themselves updated and well-informed to keep your organization away from all the hassles that are associated with fixed assets tracking systems.

Contact us to know and learn more about this service and how we can help you. We are confident that once you become our member, you will be amazed to see how seamless all this process becomes for you.