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Document Management Solution

It’s all about transforming your paper-based work into digital management!

On average companies use hundreds of different complex documents to conduct business. Employees stack them, sort them, shuffle them, file them, and run the risk of possibly losing important information; not to mention the natural causes that could occur if they become damaged from water, fire paper eating insects, etc. What to do with the enormous amount of paper our business world has today is an increasingly difficult decision to make for most organizations, to manage this flow; organizations are utilizing imaging technologies. Whether the issue is document capture, storage, or retrieval, document imaging improves business performance. Advanced document imaging comes at a price; however, imaging systems are costly and subject to rapid obsolescence. Complete imaging systems usually involve integrating multiple platforms. These systems also require skilled personnel for operation and maintenance. Evaluation Grid offers advanced document imaging as a service making document imaging easily affordable, regardless of the size of your organization.

Evaluation Grid document management solutions eliminate barriers of cost, risks of obsolescence, and challenges of operation. Through intelligent automation and economies of scale, we give you substantial savings over your current labor-intensive methods. The result? Increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

Challenges that appear due to paper-based processes:

Though paper-based systems and solutions have been running for decades, and yet after all the digitalization, still seems to be in practice for many organizations. This process comes with numerous challenges. The most drastic ones are as follows:

  • Needs physical space for storing and managing documents
  • Resource consuming and time-wasting
  • It’s open to inviting any natural hazard which may end up in losing the data forever
  • It is highly prone to natural damage that appears as time passes
  • The editing process can be messy and lengthy
  • Increases operation cost
  • Limits the entire collaboration process
  • Not an environment-friendly approach and increase risks


How does Document Management Solutions help?

Document management refers to the procedures for creating, sharing, organizing, storing, and retrieving documents in an efficient and effective manner. Document Management Objectives covers many benefits that have now become a necessity for many organizations, regardless of their industry and size. Here are few highlights of how this process could help you:

  • It imposes a strict control
  • Reduce the number of documents that are lost or misfiled
  • Allow speedier document search
  • Make retrieval easier
  • Keep storage spaces manageable and controlled
  • Provide comparatively better security
  • Enhances collaborations that allow smoother processes
  • Easy to recover in case of any disastrous loss
  • Give access to improved backup system
  • Increases profitability graph by lowering the operational cost to a major extent
  • Supports automation that resolves complex regulations


Some of the problems may occur due to this solution, but it can be controlled if the process is handled by experts in the industry. You need professionals to:

  • Avoid any loss that may occur during document transportation
  • Keep it maintained by people that are well-versed in technology and digitalization
  • Run smoother editing process
  • Allow seamless regulation and legal process
  • At Evaluation Grid Private Limited, we maintain a practice of categorizing, storing, safeguarding, and destroying records, also known as archival preservation, that protects historical archives and ensures permanent records remain accessible and readable for years to come.


Environmental Safety and Sustainability

The digital automation revolution is drastically transforming business models by replacing human workers with automated systems, especially low-value-added repetitive jobs. Digital automation is also promoting the development of new services and altering the character of many professional services. This has a huge impact on the overall environmental lifecycle.

Being a renowned document management organization, EGPL takes responsibility as part of the environment and supports a sustainable approach in all services. Hence, we take part towards a greener and healthier environment by promoting services that eventually result in sustainable surroundings.

How can EGPL assist you with Document management?

We are among the leading document management solution providers

We are a team of highly skilled and enthusiastic experts that are led by strong leaders. Our approach crosses boundaries and goes way beyond a simple document management solution. Our process involves understanding the problem and finding a solution by keeping the past source, the present, and the future changes in mind.

Our strategies and document management systems are built on strong research and planning. We have a local and global experience that helps us achieve the milestones we have set for our every service. Our team is periodically trained and kept well-informed on the market’s ever-changing challenges. This gives us an edge over other companies, providing similar solutions, and makes us confident about the promising future we commit to. Our values and consistent commitment keep our clients’ trust in us forever.

You are welcome to learn more about our services and brief us on the challenges you face. We are more than passionate about listening to your problem and delivering tailored document management systems that could be highly useful to you.