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Document Imaging Solution

Document Imaging Solution

On average companies use hundreds different complex documents to conduct business. Employees stack them, sort them, shuffle them, file them, and run the risk of possibly losing important information; not to mention the natural causes that could occur if they become damaged from water, fire paper eating insects, etc. What to do with the enormous amount of paper our business world has today is an increasingly difficult decision to make for most organizations, to manage this flow; organizations are utilizing imaging technologies. Whether the issue is document capture, storage or retrieval, document imaging improves business performance. Advanced document imaging comes at a price; however imaging systems are costly and subject to rapid obsolescence. Complete imaging systems usually involve integrating multiple platforms. These systems also require skilled personnel for operation and maintenance. Evaluation Grid offers advanced document imaging as a service making document imaging easily affordable, regardless of the size of your organization.

Evaluation Grid Solution

Evaluation Grid document imaging services eliminate barriers of cost, risks of obsolescence, and challenges of operation. Through intelligent automation and economies of scale, we give you substantial savings over your current labor-intensive methods. The result? Increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.


Evaluation Grid offers comprehensive imaging services include scanning, image enhancement, indexing, backup and hard copy disposal. Our imaging services can archive existing document files and accommodate daily paper flow, offering quick access to your important documents. Our state-of-the-art scanners accommodate original documents from index cards to large drawings, simplex or duplex. Image enhancement skills ensure a quality scan, even when documents are multi-colored or marginally readable. In many instances, the scanned image is superior to the original. Using sophisticated software tools, images are indexed to meet your specific retrieval needs. Once scanning, enhancement, and indexing are complete the digital formats are then burned to CDs or DVDs depending on backup requirement. Original disc and documents are returned to client unless shredding is requested.

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