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Data Management Solution

Data Management Solution

Disaster is a continual threat to your data storage systems. It can appear in many forms such as failed hard drives and data corruption. For example, a virus that infects a hard drive can corrupt or in some cases even delete large amounts of the data. Unhappy employees, former employees, or malicious hackers intent on doing damage are all serious threats. Not to be discounted are such natural disasters as fire and water damages or other disasters waiting to happen. When tragic events such as this occur, users who don't have a disaster recovery plan can pay a high price. In events like these small even sometimes big organizations are not able to cope up with the loss just because they were never had a data management plan.

Evaluation grid offers a comprehensive solution against those unforeseen events. Our data backup, retrieval and disaster recovery solution experts will device and implement a faster and cost effective data management plan no matter how small or big your operations are

Data Backup

Keep all your data safe & secure

Data loss is one of the big fears of the technology age now days. With your computer containing data like your finances, work files, appointments, photographs and more, losing your data can be a frightening prospect. Thinking about data backup yet?
The results of data loss can be devastating, but it doesn’t have to be a catastrophe. Performing a data backup on consistent basis allows you to secure your most important files, which will give you reassurance against the problems associated with data loss. Spending some time to protect against your important data failing is time well spent. At the Evaluation Grid we can offer you a data backup service that backs up your information smoothly and also allowing you to spend your time doing other important things.

Here’s what you will get

The Evaluation Grid Data Backup service offers protection for all of your files including MS Office files, photos, videos and music, by giving you peace of mind in the event of intrusion of virus or in any disastrous circumstances. Keep your important information in a safe place by using this convenient data backup service.

Here’s is how it works

  • » The data backup service is available both on-site and off-site as per your convenience.
  • » Tell us which files, photos you want backed up.
  • » We will back them up and copy them to a CD, DVD or Hard Drive.
  • » We will confirm which files we have made a backup of.
  • » We will answer any questions you have on data backup.
  • » Sit back and relax: your files are safe and secure.

Disaster Recovery

What is Disaster Recovery?
Disaster Recovery (DR) is a coordinated activity to enable the recovery of IT/business systems due to a disruption. DR (disaster recovery) can be achieved by restoring IT/business operations at an alternate location, recovering IT/business operations using alternate equipment, and/or performing some or all of the affected business processes using manual methods.

Why do I need Disaster Recovery?

The importance of protecting an organization's data in the event of a disruptive situation has become an increasing and more visible business priority in recent years.
Many companies believe a 'disaster' is a once in a lifetime incident. In fact, these incidents are very common with growing numbers of viruses, security breaches, software issues, and hardware failures and data corruption. Thankfully, more catastrophic events such as weather-related causes, fires, power interruptions and sabotage are exceptional, but the most successful companies, small or large, prepare themselves for all potential eventualities.

Consequences of a Disaster

  • »  Loss of Business/customers
  • »  Loss of Credibility/goodwill
  • »  Cash flow problem
  • »  Inability to pay staff
  • »  Loss of production
  • »  Loss of operational data
  • »  Financial loss
90% of businesses that lose data from a disaster are forced to shut down within 2 years of the disaster. 50% of businesses experiencing a computer outage will be forced to shut within 5 years.

Disaster Recovery Statistics

It is estimated that most large companies spend between 2% and 4% of their budget on disaster recovery planning, with the aim of avoiding larger losses in the event that the business cannot continue to function due to loss of data of companies that had a major loss of business data, 43% never reopen, 51% close within two years, and only 6% will survive long-term.

Our Strategies

Most business unit heads would like zero data loss and zero time loss, the cost associated with that level of protection may make the desired high availability solutions impractical.
Backups made & sent off-site at regular intervals (as per need).
Backups made to disk on-site and automatically copied to off-site disk, or made directly to off-site disk.
Replication of data to an off-site location, which overcomes the need to restore the data.
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and/or backup generator to keep systems going in the event of a power failure
Anti-virus software and other security measures.